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Hello, I’m Vimal. I write, teach, and speak on topics involving Linux, Python, and open source software.

Drop into my virtual office
If you would like to talk to me, you can drop into my virtual office for 10 minutes.

For over 9 years, I supported research groups in biological sciences with their computational and programming needs.

During this time, I had installed and managed Linux servers, databases, web applications, and websites, developed software as part of a team, and published packages on PyPI, Anaconda, Galaxy Tool shed, OBS and Docker hub.

I’m a Linux user for 20+ years. Feel free to get in touch with me, if you need help getting started. I organized Linux meetups in Cork (2017-2018).

I am a member of the UCC Indian Alumni Community. I write content and manage the community website.

What’s new

May 25, 2021
Published Linux for Biologists — A Cookbook. You can get it from Leanpub, Amazon or Gumroad.
Feb 18, 2021
Seafile tutorial is now updated for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

Talks and tutorials

Title slide of Python with me talk

Python with Me

May 27, 2020
Tech me out at home, Pint of Science, Ireland.
Slides and a blog post of my experience.

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Linux for Biologists
A cookbook for students or researchers in biological sciences, who are new to Linux.

Published articles

Seafile web interface

How to sync and share your files with Seafile on Ubuntu 20.04

Tutorials on DigitalOcean. Available for Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 18.04, Debian 9 and Debian 10.

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I also maintain an online notebook.

My Notebook
Here, I document everthing I learn and find useful, for future reference.

Software development


A ready-to-use virtual machine for teaching and learning Bioinformatics.

For more information on this and other projects I've worked in the past, please visit my software page.

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