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Linux for Biologists — a cookbook

A beginner’s guide for students or researchers in biological sciences§

The primary focus of the book is in using graphical user interfaces (GUIs) to accomplish tasks, but methods using the command line interface are also discussed.

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What you will learn§

Using this book, you will learn how to:

  • Run Linux on your computer
  • Use the desktop and included software
  • Work with files and directories
  • Search and install software
  • Run some basic commands
  • Run the Galaxy platform on your computer

See the complete table of contents below.

Includes over 120 screenshots§

It will help you understand concepts quickly.

Linux for Biologists includes more than 120 screenshots

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Download virtual machine§

If you do not have access to a Linux desktop, you can download a virtual machine image using the link below.

This will help you run a virtual machine of Linux Mint 20.1 on your computer. All recipes in the book have been tested on this distribution.

Download virtual machine image of Linux Mint

After downloading, follow the Running a Linux virtual machine section in Chapter 2 of the book to get started.

Table of contents§

Linux for Biologists - Table of contents

Last updated: Tue 12 April 2022